I drove to Daman and back....and I couldn't be happier

First of all kudos to my father http://www.vfmdirect.in/ for entrusting his car to his 19 year old daughter. Couldn't have asked for a bigger braveheart than him! While I've driven to Bandra, Manor and Pune before, this was the first time I drove continuously to Daman. It took us around 4.5 hours (we made 2 stops on the way) to reach via the Daman Vapi road (which right now is quite bad because it's all dug up. But don't stress, there are 2-3 other entry points into this UT. I prefer the other entrance which goes under a huge canopy of trees).

In Daman, we stopped at a place called Sandy Resorts. This is a small compact resort with a swimming pool and restaurant in the premises itself. I personally liked the place because it was the last in line of all the hotels on the Devka Beach road (it comes 1km after Miramar and Cidade De Daman Beach Resort). The crowd here was quite good and the surroundings clean. The place is quite pleasant for a 1-2 night stay.

In the evening the only place closeby is Devka Beach (here there are these dingy shacks with orange lighting where you can order drinks and eatables as well). Better to go on a weekday because the entire place gets too crowded on Sundays. Most of the parking gets full so you may have to park on the road (towing takes place).

No shortage of restaurants in that area but we ate all our meals at the resort itself. Next morning we went to Udwada, a small Parsi place (the first Parsis landed there) famous for it's Fire Temple. While non-Iranis/Parsis/Zoarastrians are not allowed entry inside, it's a small place which you can complete seeing in 15-20 minutes. We found an Iranian Bakery as well. The roads are very narrow and reversing is a headache; so it is advisable not to take your car the entire way. Park somewhere and walk.

There isn't much to do in Daman (especially in this heat) except go to the beach and laze around in the pool. But it's perfect for a weekend getaway.


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