Raj Thackeray questions why Sridevi was given a state funeral

Less than a month has passed and the Bollywood actress's funeral has already begun raising questions. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Sunday, questioned why late Bollywood actress Sridevi was given a state funeral, asking “What did she do for the country that her body was wrapped in the tricolour?" 

Honestly, while I felt bad about Sridevi's death, I personally didn't think it was necessary to give her a state funeral or have her body wrapped in the tricolor. India has a lot of state and national awards honoring people who have contributed to the country in different fields. However, the National Flag is something which must be kept only for the soldiers and jawans who sacrifice their lives in order to protect the country's citizens. If the government were to wrap the tricolor around every famous person who has contributed to the country (without sacrificing much; here I mean their lives), the very action would lose it's significance and wouldn't mean a big deal at all. 

Celebrities are onscreen heroes....but it's about time we give due respect and recognition to our backstage heroes who sacrifice a lot so that we can sleep and live peacefully.

The political party chief was addressing party workers at a rally in Mumbai when he hit out at the Maharashtra government and also alleged that the media attention given to Sridevi’s demise was a means to divert attention from the multi-million PNB-Nirav Modi scam. Claiming that the media was under pressure from the BJP government, Thackeray pointed out that Nirav Modi was the talk of the town until Sridevi’s demise and funeral coverage took over.

“Nirav Modi was the talk of the town, then the issue of Sridevi came in. This was brought to change the issue. When a person like Sridevi dies, you wrap her in tri-colour and you say you did that because she was a Padma Shri. It was all fault of the Maharashtra government,” Raj Thackeray was quoted saying at the rally.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/photo-features/raj-thackeray-questions-why-sridevi-was-given-a-state-funeral/photostory/63362351.cms


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