Thanks to Sunny Leone, this farmer harvests bumper crop!

An Indian farmer from a tiny village in Nellore district, has come up with an out of the box idea to protect his crop from ‘evil eyes’. He has put up massive flex boards of bikini-clad Bollywood actress Sunny Leone in his 10-acre agriculture field to protect his crop from dishti (evil eyes).He believes his trick has done wonders for his crop yield. He has put up  People travelling through this small village are now unable to turn their heads away from the glamourous pictures standing in the field. The flexes with Sunny Leone carry a tag line written in Telugu: Orey, nannu chusi edavakura (Hey, don’t cry after seeing me). 

However ridiculous this may seem, it worked. And here we have a genius farmer from rural India who's got a bumper crop; all thanks to Sunny Leone!


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