Demonitization - Boon or a Bane

Short Term - Bane
Long Term - Boon (Only Time will tell)

Its been 2 weeks since PM Modi announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would be of no use in India (now that's a midnight surprise -well,not literally, but I'm super close).

In these 2 weeks, every bank watchman has done much more work than he would have done in the past year. Bonus toh banta hai.

People standing in queues to get their money converted or to deposit has become a normal sight. Standing in the lines can take upto 3 hours on really bad days. (I had my exams, so was exempted from that tedious and super boring task).

But I must say the banks are trying their best to handle the situation. Waterbottles are being handed out to people as well as separate lines for senior citizens have been placed along with chairs.
But as they say, Its all for the greater good.

Is it ?

These two weeks have been total chaos. Now, people are finding it difficult to find solutions to their money problems.

 The ATMs are not being stocked fast enough as the lines seem to be getting longer. Also, the new 2000 rupee notes are longer in size as compared to the earlier ones. Hence, it's taking time to fit them in the  machines.

The PM said that this planning has been going on since months, but for better effect the announcement had to be sudden. I totally get the point, but why did the notes have to be made longer. I doubt anyone ever complained about the earlier notes being too small for their wallets. *lol*

I don't even like the "EOSIN PINK" color of the new notes. (I got that piece of information from one of my medical student friend, so you can safely rely that statement.*hehe*) .

Secondly, I really don't understand the funda of replacing 500 and 1000 rupee notes with a higher denomination. Isn't black money going to resurface again ? Somebody please enlighten me. And yeah, there are no "nano chips" embedded in the new notes. The messages circulating on the Whatsapp groups was a hoax.

But if there's something even more minute, which is going to help, then hats off to whoever made them. Because I really can't see anything (I have a good eyesight).

And thirdly, here's some important news. You can deposit upto 2,00,000 rupees without arousing suspicion. But don't try to transfer money to someone else's account with the understanding that you will be getting it back. The party at fault will be sentenced to 7 years IMPRISONMENT.
Harsh, huh ?

It's better to just own up to hoarding black money rather than going to jail. After all, part of it was anyways illegal. kal tax bharna tha, nhi bharaa. Toh aaj hi sahi. Deri kis baat ki ?

And answering the first question. I really hope it proves to be a boon. Because if it isn't, it's going to be a national disaster for PM Modi.


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