It's been a hell of a year

2016 has been the year of shocks and surprises.

Trump winning the elections, India having a Coldplay Concert, Martin Garrix at Mahalaxmi Racecourse and the Demonitization of the Indian currency.

And to think all this happened in November itself. Lets see what December has in store for us !

Its surprising how something happening in one place can trigger a number of emotions from people living in another place. This year's been an epic example of this very statement.

I never thought the US elections would ever affect me. I mean, I'm not even an adult, forget being interested in politics and used to really not care much about what's happening in the other side of the world.

Imagine, I'm a girl who has no problem getting sleep during the night. But because of the November Nuisances, I had to resort to forcing Barbie and Noddy thoughts into my brain in order to sleep. Ever heard of that ?

You can try out end number of things....DIYs, music, yoga, tellytubies (don't laugh, it really works), some lovely ads on youtube (that helps) and not to forget books.

So, if something surprising or shocking happens to you in the next one month and eightdays, be rest assured its completely normal.

 After all the countdown to 2017 doesn't begin until another 30 days !


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