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The Weekend

So here's the situation. (It's a full 7 days,so pay close attention to the chain of events)
  • Monday is your last paper (gets over at 5:30 pm). You chill the entire evening.
  • Tuesday is a holiday. Since it's a first after studying for one whole week, you find no problem in whiling away your time.
  • Wednesday, your college decides that you have had your share of enjoyment, so they call you for 2 marketing lectures. 
  • Thursday and Friday turn into unexpected holidays because the teachers are doing supervision duty. On the former, you go out furniture shopping. The latter is spent in reading books.
  • Saturday is the most hectic day of the week. Lectures until 11:30 am. Next you have to go for an interview in Andheri (Train - Metro - Rickshaw). Not to forget that you enter the wrong office and then while coming back take the wrong metro. *hehe*.
  • The same day instead of coming back home you need to go to Bandra after which the next stop is Ballard Estate (VT) for the Bombay Times festival where a concert is being held. *phew*. Tired already ? Don't forget the journey back home. You don't want to stay there all night do you ? SoBo can look a bit intimidating during the night.
  • Now because you're sooooo tired on Saturday, you end up compensating for it by sleeping half of Sunday off. Wake up time : 11:00 am.
  • Journey back home again. In time for lunch, sleep, wake up and now you're faced with the big task of wearing a 9 yard saaree. *tired before the party already* Thank God for ACs though !
  • Wedding in the evening. And since it's an Indian #shaadi , naach gaana toh banta hi hai !
  • Monday morning is college but since you are an FY student and India is a free country, you decide not to go. 
So the big question is :

What do you do the entire day ? 

Especially when you're sick and tired of your phone, your books are occupying an AC cardboard box (& it's really too much work to take everything out) , the home theatre speakers are dismantled & the portable speakers show an almost 5% charge. And oh ya, your net speed is at 2 mbps (thanks to you) so video watching is totally out of the question.

This may not hold true for all cases. Kindly ignore if that's not your reaction.
  1. The lazy person - Just sleep. There are bonus hours. Anyways, sleeping is also doing work !
  2. The studious person - Go to the Mumbai University website and check the syllabus. Start studying.
  3. The smart guy - Check available job options and earn some money. Time to be financially independent.
  4. The creative girl - Open DIY videos and make something !
  5. The movie buff - DDLJ . Or maybe Dear Zindagi.
Me : Just log in to Gmail, open Blogger and start writing ! ..........The gharelu nushka when nothing else seems tempting. This always does the trick !


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