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Writer's Block ? Maybe Not

This is one of those rare days when I don't know what do with myself. And I'm saying this in a boring sort of a way.

Has it ever happened to you that during your exams or during a time when you need your concentration the most, it sort of ditches you and you start thinking of something totally unimportant that you can't get it out of your mind ?
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It always seems to happen with me.
And now that there is nothing, absolutely nothing to do, I have full access to the laptop, my brain refuses to supply me with any ideas to help while away my time. How unfair !

I have spent approximately half an hour sitting in front of the laptop trying to force thoughts into my mind to write but there seems to be some Great Wall of China which is protecting it from I-don't-know-what.

That, my readers is a writer's block.

The first thought that's finally found its way through was Demonetization but I've already made 4 posts on it (the most recent one being yesterday). I'm definitely not making another.

Then I thought about writing about my new found interest Martin Garrix, but then he isn't exactly new & I don't know anything about him which the world already doesn't know. Bad idea.

Next I wondered if I should write about the recent train accident in Mumbai. But that's been in the news for almost 3 days now and it's kind of sad. Not for Friday reading. So I decided against it.

Something happy ?

 Janardhan Reddy spent close to 500 crores on this daughter Brahmani's wedding to Rajiv Reddy (I don't know who he is, but he's got to be some son of a rich dad!). The wedding invitation contained a LCD screen with a wedding video. Her sari itself is said to have cost close to 17 crores. Imagine the amount of gold (70-80 crores) that would have gone with it. *shock face*.

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This should help . 
Anyways, the wedding's invited a lot of criticism because it was done during the demonetization week in India. Income Tax officials are literally after the Reddy family, which is not good news for them considering that Mr.Reddy has already served a jail sentence for some other reason.

One good thing out of the whole affair- 500 crores. Imagine how much labour that would have employed ! Hell of a lot of employment generated I'd say !

Oh yeah, there's the Ballard Estate festival starting tomorrow from 2pm-10pm. Adult and Student pass is Rupees 500. Only thing is that you can take a friend along for free with the Student pass. Only valid identity proof is required. How cool is that ! Provided you find a friend to go with who doesn't already have his/her exams going on. *smile smile wink wink*

Hey wait ! Did I just write something about Demonetization ? I said I wouldn't. Never Mind. *hehehe*


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