Ae Zamaana Hai Mushkil - Are we overreacting ?

Uri attacks - The attacks which shocked the nation. 17 jawans killed in a cowardly attack by Pakistan. As always, as all enemy countries do, they denied the attacks.

The country erupted with anger. 1000s of tweets in twitter. People voicing their opinions. Outrage in the country. So much so that PM Modi ordered a surgical strike where we killed off their terrorists.

But let me tell you something.

A person reacts to an incident only if he knows it has occurred. If he isn't aware of a particular incident, he doesn't react; he carries on with his life.

How do we know that this isn't the first incident in which Indian jawans have been attacked ? For all you know it may be the 3rd, 4th. 50th or maybe 100th happening in India's 69 years of independence. Its just that this is the first time such an incident has been made public.

The Pakistanis have been known to do terrorists attacks on the Taj and Oberoi hotels in Mumbai. The recent attack at the LoC is small as compared to the Mumbai attacks. There is a very high probability that this LoC attack is not the first one. Also, India is a peace loving country. But no nation is going to take kindly to their soldiers being killed.

So here is a theory:

Pakistan attacks LoC jawans, kills them. India retaliates,  performs a surgical strike, kills off their soldiers. Tit for Tat. Both countries deny doing anything.

History repeats itself.

SO at the end, no one has a clue about what's going on. No one reacts , so there is no social unrest. Lets say this a mutual understanding between India and Pakistan. They can fight all they want and yet the public will not know anything about it.

But this situation changed when someone told the media about this. And then all hell broke loose.
 I have observed that Indians can exaggerate a bit at times. Many of them go overboard with their feelings.

Example 1 : In the recent Cricket World Cup, India lost out to Australia. There was severe backlash from the Indian viewers. They went to the extent of throwing stones at MS Dhoni's home. Imagine, here was an Indian captain who had helped his country to win the 2011 World Cup after 28 years, whose first child had been born while he was away playing for his country, who hadn't seen his daughter, was being welcomed home by his country with stones thrown on his face and being told what he should have done on the field (my view - if you were so good at cricket, why didn't you make it to the national team?).

Example 2 : The release of the film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has been banned in around 4 states because it had Pakistani actor Fawad Khan starring in it. The board is saying that they cannot "ban" a film as such but can only stall the release. They are doing this because Pakistan has banned Indian content in their country. But what good is that going to do now ? The Indian producers are only going to suffer a loss. We have Aatif Aslam fans, Fawad Khan fans who loved him in Khoobsurat and Kapoor & Sons. Where did the patriotism go then? Wasn't Pakistan an enemy country at time also ?

I  heard a saying somewhere:

Public memory is short. Feed them some new masaledaar news and they will forget the old one.

Ask yourselves. Are you like that ? Are you going to react by tweeting only when a hype is created ? Will you forget about all this once everything calms down ?

Think and take a stand. Don't always go with the flow.


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