Hairfall ? You may be eating the wrong Foods

For a girl there is one thing which makes her look even more beautiful than she already is. Its her HAIR.

Yes, you read that correctly. Forget the almond shaped eyes, the flawless skin or the luscious lips. Its the hair. Dermatologists say that they can predict how healthy a person is by just looking at their hair.

You may say that you eat a lot of food. But at times its not the quantity that matters, but the correct type of nutrients. I once did a project in school about balanced diet. It said the same thing as well : Focus on what goes in and not how much goes in.

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Why does your hair start falling ? Because the body says, " I am not getting enough nutrients, so I won't supply to some part of the body." So it decides to sacrifice the least important one : HAIR

So, I've browsed through a couple of sites and found out the best ways to prevent hair fall (and it doesn't include going for hair spa).

1. CHICKEN (protein) 
This may not stop the normal, everyday hair loss, however it will help you replace the lost ones. Protein are the building blocks for hair. Vegetarians can have chickpeas (chole) or lentils.
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You need vitamin C to build the proteins and strawberries are full of them. You can have other citrus fruits like sweetlimes, guavas etc.

My favorite. You can have these on the go. If you have any problems eating them hard, soak and have it. They contain Vitamin E and protects your hair from the UV rays.
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4. BEANS / SPINACH (palak)
When you have the I-can-see-my-scalp kind of a hair loss, its quite evident that you have iron deficiency. Eat a lot of beans. It will surely help.
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Rich in iron, fibre,zinc and omega 3.
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Eggs have a vitamin B called biotin which strengthens hair and brittle fingernails.
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Prevents hair fall, increases blood circulation, makes hair lustrous and protects hair from external damages.

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